Food and Justice in New Orleans


The 2014 team gets ready to dig in at an urban agriculture project.

Alongside its sister program, Building Healthy Communities, Food and Justice in New Orleans will provide students with the opportunity to learn about the multifaceted issues facing New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. The Food & Justice program will explore food security as students volunteer with local agriculture projects. This experience allows students to explore the issue of food security and gain appreciations for the social justice issues related to food security such as race, environment, education and poverty. In gaining deeper understanding of these issues students develop an understanding of the long term effects of social injustice in a community, as well as the impacts of environmental disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Students will critically examine the five social determinants of health (race, education, housing, food security and health services) and how they contribute to the vitality and vibrancy of a community.


The 2014 team volunteered with a variety of organizations throughout the program.

The Food & Justice and Building Healthy Communities programs are built from the success of previous programs in New Orleans, and will have some shared programming as students live and learn in the city of New Orleans. ucalgarycares team members are selected for their enthusiasm, open attitude, and willingness to work in a team.

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