Youth by Youth: Digital Storytelling Project

Youth by Youth is a project with the United Way and the Faculty of Social Work that uses digital stories to capture the triumphs and challenges of youth in our city who are making the transition to adulthood (see 2011 project for examples and background on this project). This project provided a platform for youth from various backgrounds to come together to share their stories, develop new media skills and foster meaningful relationships.

An advisory committee is being formed with participants from the 2011 and 2012 projects which will seek out opportunities to share the stories which they have created and raise awareness about the challenges faced by youth. The group has already presented at the 2011 and 2012 Social Justice Encounter hosted by the faculty of Social Work.


“I wish people could know what actually happened during that week. I wish I could tell the people I got to know how much their stories have changed my story. Relationships like these don’t just come and go. They are entrenching and permanent. They change lives. They’ve changed mine.” –Jess

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