Digital Stories Project

In 2011 and 2012 the CCEL offered a unique Reading Week project with the United Way and the Faculty of Social Work. Through this Reading Week project, U of C students worked with youth from the community to produce Digital Stories about the experiences of community youth as they transition from youth to adulthood in Calgary.

Through this process, youth author their own story, exploring their achievements and challenges. Some of the 2011 Digital Stories are available through the United Way.

This project worked to build on the United Way’s research on vulnerable youth in Calgary, Towards Resiliency for Vulnerable Youth.


“If I had to describe the week in one word it would be “enlightening”. The stories had more to them than being a way to express and advocate challenges faced by youth in our city. They reflected perseverance, courage, braveness, [and] strong decision-making skills. For me, this experience opened my eyes to the ability in us to surpass challenges to become leaders and role models in our own ways.” –Narisa

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