ucalgarycares Night of Service Reflection

Here is what some students had to say about their experiences at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehabilitation Centre:

When I volunteered at the University of Calgary’s night of service for the Drop-In Center, I saw a less-fortunate population that I could have to opportunity to serve.  Upon arriving, we were welcomed into the centre by kind volunteers, and were given straight forward tasks to do that would help serve the homeless population a meal.  I was struck by the appreciation that the homeless population showed, their polite and thankful manners, and especially by the applause they gave us for doing such a simple task such as serving them.  Although I attended another day of service with the University of Calgary, as well as served meals previously to the homeless, I had never had such a moving experience as I did in Calgary.  This experience has opened my eyes to recognize the needs around me and it has motivated me to strive to do all that I can to help others in the community.  The University of Calgary’s night of service was a meaningful opportunity that I would definitely do again in the future. -By Naomi Bell

Another student states:

We went to the drop-in centre and served a dinner meal for the people there. The situation helped me understand how everything works at the drop-in centre as this was my first experience volunteering there. Everyone was very grateful and we all felt very overwhelmed by the love that we received. It taught me the significance of a meal and I will continue to use this experience to remind myself to be grateful for all the little things that I often take for granted. -By Afshan Goswami

Overall, the experience of the ucalgarycares students at the Night of Service was fantastic. Students also became really great friends and went to get ice-cream afterwards.

Samira Sohail

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