My volunteer experience at Medical Mercy Canada-ucalgarycares Night of Service

Medical Mercy Canada first sparked my interest when I read about their mission. Their mission to help others by providing medical assistance to those in need had really inspired me. They are a Canadian volunteer organization, providing support services to underprivileged persons and refugees in countries such as Nepal and Ukraine. I was also excited to meet other like-minded students who are passionate about service in the same way that I am. I had the amazing opportunity to be a Team Lead for this event where I led a group of student volunteers to the placement while engaging in icebreaker questions along the way.

Upon arrival at the Medical Mercy Canada building, our group received a ten-minute talk about the mission and values of their organization. It was fascinating to hear about the ways they impact the lives of others, especially in countries such as the Ukraine. The staff at Medical Mercy were friendly and answered any questions that the students had regarding the organization and what they do. The duration of our volunteer shift was two hours. This time was spent wiping down walkers and wheelchairs, organizing medical files, and cleaning the area where the supplies were kept.

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience as a volunteer at Medical Mercy. It was rewarding to assist an organization that is run by caring individuals who are interested in making a difference in the lives of those in need. At the end of the night, I spoke with the other students who had volunteered with me and everyone had positive comments to share. Medical Mercy was very welcoming to student volunteers, the staff were kind and informative, and the tasks were enjoyable, especially since we were able to talk to each other and work together as a team.

All in all, I am very passionate about service and giving back to the community.  I believe it is so important for students to learn about social justice issues and volunteer with non-profit organizations. It gives students exposure to world occurrences that they may not normally see or know much about. Not only do these experiences allow students to gain exposure, they also help them become more empathetic to people who may struggle with different things than they do. Moreover, students can carry on this new understanding of empathy and exposure, which will assist in elevating their success in the workplace. Using what they have learned from these experiences, students can help to make their workplace more inclusive and welcoming to everyone.


-Brielle Usher

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