Finding Yourself in Others


Time: 9:17 pm Toronto local time, Date: last day and last hours of this trip. I am writing this right after an awards ceremony with my team – I am in tears over the fact that this trip is over, but I cannot deny how happy I am for having met such amazing individuals. I am honoured to have known them individually. Each workshop, activity and volunteering session made me learn more about them and connect with them more powerfully. Each individual in this group possesses amazing qualities that are inspiring in their own way. When we did our strength workshop, I learned about their individual characteristics. In fact, I discovered that one of my own strengths is that of individualization. People with strong individualization talents are intrigued by and have an understanding of the unique qualities of each person. Impatient with generalizations, they focus on the differences among individuals, the unique characteristics that make everyone special. Indeed, these individuals who I spent a week with have proven to be nothing but special. So here- I will list each individual and one small lesson I have picked up from each of them:

Rebecca: Fight for change, even when there is no benefit for your own self.
Jemimah: no matter what pain you have, you must always be strong and keep a smile.
Milana: The only person you need to impress is yourself.
Rica: Be ready to jump in and help all the time.
Simone: Never be afraid to be yourself.
Sandra: Importance of self-care during hard work.
Jannah: Love yourself so people will love you too.
Sabrina: Ask questions for the sake of learning and not just for participation.
Jessica: Always be ready and prepared for any situation.
Yi: Never give up in the face of hardships.
Areeb: Never be afraid to take the hard roads.
Kyle: Always see the blind spots in everything.
I am leaving this trip with a mind full of knowledge and a heart full for those people. The world will definitely change to a better place as long as there are people like this group and all the previous groups who participate in trips like this. This trip on its own had taught us many things; most importantly, though, it taught us to think locally and act globally. Our actions always have consequences, whether on the environment or the people around us. I learned most of all to choose our language carefully: we were not on this trip just to help out, but to reinforce the amazing systems the people of this city have already put in place. It’s been an honor.

– Sinit Abraha

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