Yukon 2017 – First Days of July

On July 3rd, we made our way to Haines Junction to partake in our community service. Due to the unfavorable weather, our initial plan of staining the Village Bakery deck changed to helping a local community pastor pull weeds from the community garden. Village Bakery provided us with very good complimentary coffee. Their kindness to our group was very much appreciated! Other members helped a local community member cut willow trees and cleaned a domestic area. Although the weather was poor, our team spirit blossomed and allowed us to create a healthy environment where we happily completed our community service.

Following completion of the community service, we made our way to DAKU Museum. We had two informative tour guides that shared with us the historical and cultural knowledge of the local Indigenous communities. We then were shown a fantastic movie regarding the environmental impacts.

We then made our way to Kathleen Lake, where many of the group partook in a 13 kilometre hike. The group members who were unable to make the hike returned to Haines Junction to recycle some goods at the waste management facility. Within the facility, there was a ‘Free Store’ where we got to take some gently used free items! We then returned to the communal cookhouse on Kathleen Lake where we roasted smokies and participated in an insightful NAPI Level 2 workshop.

On July 4th, We participated in an activity called the “Blanket Exercise” in which we pretended to be different First Nations’ communities while our team leaders re-enacted the history of North America’s colonization with us. While the leaders read the cold historical facts, we related on a personal level to these sad events and experienced but a sample of the emotional trauma suffered by North America’s colonized peoples. Afterwards, after many tears shed by all, we added our own emotional traumas and personal relationships to the information communicated during the exercise. The tears continued and many a tissue was used as we became closer as a group over this inspiring activity.

Later in the day, we made our way to Burwash Landing to paint the deck surrounding the community centre; however, we were met again with less-than-ideal weather and were thus directed to some picnic tables in need of repair. After drilling these tables back into shape, we went to the Kluane Burwash Landing Museum where we learned about the local fauna and their habitats as well as the construction of the Alaska Highway.

We came back to a fantastic Fourth of July celebration meal consisting of homemade hamburgers, onion, mushrooms and the like in honour of the American scholars with whom we share the Arctic Research Institute. Although a number of us got together for (another) competitive game of Scattegories, many of us retired early for the night as we had an early start planned for the rocky beach, played games, and then packed our bags to prepare for our departure to Teslin, via Whitehorse morning of the fifth.

On July 5th, we had an early departure back to Burwash Landing to complete our final day of community service on their reserve. Part of the UCalgaryCares group built a gazebo for the community while group members swept the hockey arena and three group members helped an elder fish and smoke salmon. Each volunteer service took the entirety of the day so we were excited to return to a delicious meal made by the professional cooks at the Arctic Institute. We celebrated the birthday of the Director with a delicious roast beef dinner and a chocolate cake. We then played rugby on the beach and had a community bonfire as our final day in the Research station.

-ucalgarycares participants

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