Bringing Perspective to Homelessness at Home

Prior to the service learning program, I thought I knew what it would be like to experience homeless… but I was wrong. After the eye-opening experience, I learned a lot about mental health, homelessness and social action with my peers during the program. I was glad to have the opportunity to work with the Mustard Seed and learn about their operations, community and the stories. Hearing stories and having conversations with individuals added a human and personal touch to the issue of homelessness. As members of society, we have a lot of work  to do if we want to eradicate homelessness in society and raise awareness of the issue.  After completing the program, I had many questions and thoughts in my mind about how this could happen in a prosperous city. There is no simple solution or answer to the problem but we can start off small and work together. Volunteering and community engagement is very important to create an inclusive and open society in cities around the world. Small gestures can make a huge difference in someones life such as volunteering or donating clothes to a local organization. We must use our privilege and help vulnerable and marginalized groups and make our cities a better place to live.

-Niko C.

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