Setting the Stage: Global Citizenship

When I first signed up for the ucalgarycares Toronto program, I was just looking to make some new friends. Adjusting to the changes and challenges of university can be difficult and this trip seemed like a great way of helping me with that. Although I was right about the ‘new friends’ part of it, I didn’t realize that before even going on the trip, I would learn some valuable information. The pre-service workshops were not only a great way to meet my team, but also introduced me to the topics that we would be discussing on our trip.  There were two workshops that resonated with me the most: Privilege and the Active Bystander Training.

I never had a problem with talking about privilege as I had done it within so many contexts previously. However, this time, the conversations we had as a team were so well thought out and so knowledgeable. I looked at privilege from a different angle and learned to assess my own privilege with a more intersectional approach. This was challenging as when most people are confronted with their privilege, their first reaction is to explain it. Privilege should not be explained; it should be discussed, acknowledged and then acted upon. This workshop was by far my favorite as I loved listening to what my team had to say about the topic as well as sharing our own experiences with privilege.

The active Bystander Training was also a favorite of mine and I might be biased since the facilitator was absolutely fantastic! It’s always challenging when you’re put in a situation where you know you should speak up, but you’re not sure of how to do so. We learned the different approaches of being an active bystander as well as the different methods of intervention. It was very helpful to be able to visualize the situations and think of the best method to approach each one.

We will be leaving for Toronto tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! Everyone on my team is so unique and we all have something great to bring to the table. I am definitely looking forward to all the engaging conversations that I am sure we will have and the different organizations that we will be working with. I have to admit that I am a little nervous about having to cook dinner for everyone because I don’t want to mess it up! My dinner group is amazing though, so I am certain we will figure it out. Now we just have to pack and take off!

-Haya Bakour



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