Reframing Sustainability

We are well underway of our exploration of sustainability as the third pre-service workshop approaches! I am very proud and happy of the team of students and staff we have on board this year! I am very fortunate to be able to come back to the ucalgarycares Sustainable Cities program and to have been able to witness the growth of the program, its participants, and their impact within the past year.

The pre-service workshops so far have helped us in forming an understanding of the vision of sustainability – easily breaking it down into a compass labelled Nature, Economy, Well-being, and Society, respectively. These four ‘directions’ serve as the pillars of sustainability and what it means to work to meet the needs of the present without sacrificing the future. The first workshop was an opening challenge as the team got to work together for the first time– as much as we wanted to separate different issues into standalone categories, we soon discovered that the pillars are exceedingly integrated into every topic we touched.

The team then embarked on a Sustainability tour around campus, in which we were introduced to UCalgary’s initiatives in designing a healthier, collaborative, and more sustainable environment for all. Some stops included EEEL, the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certified building on campus, and the TFDL Quad.


I can’t wait to seeing what the other student participants have to say as we move forward in explore what it means to combine human action, natural systems, and social justice into the umbrella of sustainability in the UCalgary, City of Calgary, and global perspective!

Until next time,

– Stephanie L.

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