Day one of an amazing adventure and life changing experience.

*Homelessness at Home took place on Feb 16-19 in Calgary, AB. Participants had no internet access during that time. The next blog post is a look back to the participants experiences.


Waking up at am to start this journey with the ucalgarycares Homelessness at Home program I was not sure what to expect. We arrived at The Mustard Seed (TMS) around 10:10 am and then we waited for the rest of the group. With everything we would need for this adventure, when the group arrived, we went inside the 102 building and started with introductions.

TMS coordinators for our program explained some history about TMS and then began to go over what our schedule looked like for the week. There were so many things to look forward to and so much to learn and with that the journey began! We took a tour of TMS facilities and got to see the apartments that many of the individuals who have received housing through TMS live.

Next we then went over to Alpha House. The responses to Alpha House were amazing, and the experience was real and heart breaking. We were wondering through a place were people resided, watching them as they observed us learning about the services available to them.

As a group we walked and talked about our experiences so far through out the day and then we returned to TMS 102 building were we received some data on hunger around the world and then participated in a hunger banquet. I am not going to provide all the details of this hunger banquet just in case you ever have the opportunity to attend. What I will tell you was that it is difficult to be separated from others based on choices that you did not make and circumstances alone, this was tough.

After all this, it was time to find out were we would be sleeping for the night. We walked with all of your belongs for a few blocks until we reached a church, beside the church was an old house. Once inside the house we separated girls upstairs and boys down stairs, after this long day I could not wait to rest and honestly I was so looking forward to what tomorrow had in store for us.


-Crystal Caneus (Homelessness at Home 2016 participant)

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