ucalgarycares! We Shall Be Together by Danny Ahmed

ucaglarycares! We Shall Be Together

By Danny Ahmed

Solidarity, We travel

Forth in boots, uggs, or flat shoes

Toronto, the Eastern City

of Canada

One of the first, we walk

In the limbs of the past

Where the future ideally comes

By in the unison and stasis

Brothers and sisters in arms,

Here we are reveling in a

Group situation, where bonds


As Seneca once said

It involves the beauty of


Where one can understand and

Be understood by others

Sandwiches, dishes, and honour

Side by side, we will help

our brethren

We are Albertans and Canadians

We represent the pinnacle of

Respect and human dignity

And will not back down

Limb to limb, eye to eye

We shall be selfless and

Enjoy the company of


Compassion, unity, and solidarity

We are UCalgary and

We care!


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