ucalgarycares Global Citizenship – Day 1 & 2

It’s been four days and it’s awesome so far, I did everything I was expecting from this trip. I discussed community issues with different perspective and talked on their solutions, met some inspiring people who are working hard for bringing a positive impact in people’s life. I learned about some technical terms and their practicality which I could have never heard of if I would not have been part of this amazing program. What social justice is? How important it is to take “Authorship” of your life, how much does your identity matter, in what ways sustainability is important for the society you are living in? Workshops on these topics helped me really to understand the true essence of these terms and I am so blessed to be a part of these wonderful discussions and presentations.

We worked with two organizations so far-“BIKE PIRATES”, and “THE STOP”. What takes it to step into these kind of philanthropic activities because these kind of organizations are public funded and they are non-profit organizations. How they motivate people to volunteer for these organizations? How they maintain the circle of order because they would be folded if people stop donating them. How they organize and administrate different events to promote their organizations. And the stories I heard were totally inspiring and made me to promise with myself that no matter who I am, where I am, how much resources I contain, I would dedicate myself to bring a change in the lives of people who are in my circle of influence.

I am living with a group of 13 amazing people who never make to feel like I am away from my home, We enjoy music before going to bed every night, respect each other, we cook together, and share stories of our lives with each other, we take a lot of photos, make memories and do lots and lots of crazy stuff. We are going to play board games tonight together somewhere in downtown and on Friday it would be Skating night and I am super excited for these nights. We are guided and mentored by 3 amazing persons- Alycia, Madeleine and Tina-and they are so awesome, they help us every time and in every way and yes we explored Toronto, came to know that Toronto is such a dynamic city and 6 million people (in the GTA) share the hustle and bustle of this city every day. I am an international student so Volunteering was kind of new concept for me and how life changing it is, I leaned in these 3 days, I experienced every bit of it and 4 days are left behind and I so excited for future week. And yes this was probably the best thing I did in my first year and I am feel so blessed every time, I meet inspiring people and visit new organization. A “life changing” experience it was!


IMG_9794 IMG_9777 IMG_9645 IMG_9614 IMG_9846

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