A Week in New Orleans: Five Photos

The ucalgarycares Building Healthy Communities and Food and Justice teams spent their Reading Weeks learning about food security, the social determinants of health, and what it means to build and live in a community.

After our trip, all of the team members are looking back and summarizing our trip and experiences in five photos. Tina and Martin from the Food and Justice team chose five photos that spoke to them, and summarized what they learned and experienced in New Orleans.

Our five photos represent different learning moments during our trip; a photo that summarizes the city of New Orleans to us, a an ‘aha’ moment where a piece of learning came together, a moment that challenged us, a photo that represents our team, and a photo we would use to show other students what the experience meant to us.

New Orleans

1. New Orleans in a photo

This is a photo of Mardi Gras decorated balconies in the french quarter. The age of the building reminds me of the deep history of the city and its people. I think the architecture looks french; I might be wrong.




A Challenging Moment

2. Something ChallengingThis was a challenging moment when we were confronted by the illogical nature of Greenlight’s free garden program. The program was built on grants in the interest of expanding local food production to curb society’s ecological footprint. By simply providing an individual with a garden, this program fails to educate and develop understanding of its supposed mission. It does not foster socially sustainable development.

An A-ha Moment

3. A-ha Moment


This is a photo of CRISP farms in the devastated and impoverished upper 9th ward. This is what a grassroots start up looks like. It likely filled a void for community dialogue about food issues.



Food and Justice

4. Food  Justice


Another photo at CRISP farms. The Food and Justice team understands the importance of taking rotational breaks



ucalgarycares to us…

5. ucalgary PromoVolunteering at Grow Dat was a highlight of the Service-Learning program! Grow Dat is an example of an urban farm with a unique and successful model. It is supported by grants, CSA’s and volunteer labour and still sells its product for profit! It justifies selling its product because it is also a youth leadership program that employs youth over the summer months. It produces a high-end organic product using innovative sustainable permaculture methods. There is much to be learned about farming techniques and food system issues at this fantastic farm.

-Tina and Martin

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