ucalgarycares Sustainable Cities Day 3

ucalgarycares Sustainable Cities Day 3

On day three (Thursday) of our Sustainable Cities program, we started off the day by heading to Bowness Park to meet with the City of Calgary’s Parks and Recreation department. The team told us about the BiodiverCity plan to maintain biodiversity inside the parks, and we discussed an unexpected invasive species – beavers. When beaver populations were high, as they are now, there are two ways to reduce their numbers – cull the beavers, or limit the beavers’ food sources. The Parks team prefers to limit the beavers’ food supply, so they taught us how to wrap wire around trees near bodies of water to prevent them from being eaten.


Using a GPS, we mapped out a polygon of the area of the trees we wired.


Wiring trees to protect them from beavers.


Lots of fun!

After we finished with the Parks department, we headed to the Memorial Park Public Library to reflect and eat lunch. After lunch, we walked to the Arusha Centre to meet one of its directors to discuss the building’s function and the Calgary Dollars program. We were given a tour of the Centre, introduced to some of its residents, and then went back to the library to discuss the Calgary Dollars program and eat dinner.

arusha posters

The wall of social justice film posters at Arusha


Listening to Mike from the Arusha Centre, in the Arusha library at CommunityWise


Negotiating…it’s not all about money.

After dinner, we went to Ten Thousand Villages to listen to a presentation on their model of sustainable business. After the presentation, we assisted the Ten Thousand Villages team with inventory, counting some of their food, Christmas decorations, and jewellery.


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