Learning Goals & the BNC

July 9, 2014

The group met at 10am this morning to go check-in and discuss our learning plans. We had made our learning plans in Calgary and discussed them previously at our pre-service workshop. A learning plan focuses on your personal learning goals for the program. It allows all of the participants to have a detailed and focused view of what they want to learn and what knowledge they want to gain from the program. In your learning plan, you have three main goals and you have to add action items (or ways you will achieve these goals). I have learned a lot more than I identified on my learning plan! It was interesting to listen to everyone’s plans and see what we have learned and what we are still curious to learn about.

After our group discussion, we had lunch and then left for an afternoon of volunteering at the BNC. I have been enjoying our time at the BNC as it allows me to interact with the children and get a glimpse of what their life is like. It is nice to be able to connect with the children and see the power that education has to connect us together. Most of the children are able to speak English, however for some of the students it is their second language. Today, I worked with two students who are in Grade 1 and they were both around 7 years old. I was working with these two students to teach them the English alphabet. Both of these students attend a school here where they study English as a second language. Therefore, they have very little exposure to the language. This experience has also made me realize how much I have taken learning English as a first language for granted and how complex teaching the language can actually be. Overall, the weather was great yesterday and we had another great day at BNC.

Usually when we come back from BNC, we organize making dinner in our cooking groups. Today was an exception! We went out for dinner today at a local restaurant called Joe’s Beerhouse. It is well-known in Namibia for its menu that features game meat. Many of the participants tried the game meat which included- crocodile, oryx, zebra, kudu and ostrich. We had a great time bonding over our meal and enjoying some Namibian cuisine!

IMG_0196 IMG_0234 IMG_0247


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