First Day at the BNC

July 4, 2014 

Yesterdays’ highlight is, without a doubt, our visit to the BNC. The BNC is a supplementary education center for young Namibian boys and girls falling behind in school because they lack the academic support. We visited the BNC on a Friday, the play day, which is fantastic because who doesn’t like a game of tag every now and then? 

 IMG_0440 IMG_0454

What struck me about the experience the most wasn’t the limited access to school supplies (compared to Canada), the overcrowding (there are 180 students enrolled with hundreds on the waitlist) or the overall conditions of center (it’s clean and safe but requires electrical work and other upgrades according to those who run the center). What struck me is the resilience of human beings especially children.  These children were happy, loving, teased us, laughed with us and just had a joy in them that is impossible not see.

The idea of human resilience is especially interesting because the following day we visited the Independence Museum. There we stood witness to the harrowing past that Namibians experienced under the hands of its colonizers and their struggle to independence. During the museum tour I felt a deep sense of sadness that lingered throughout the day. It isn’t until I started writing this blog and reflected on my experience both at the BNC and the Independence Museum that I was able to shift out of the sadness that one human being feels for another who experienced such trauma and into a place of hope. Thank you best Namibian children!


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