Big Fish

This weekend we helped out at the annual KFN Fishing Derby in Destruction Bay, which was held this Saturday and Sunday (28th,29th).

We had absolutely no idea what to expect when going to volunteer at the derby, whether we were going to be weighing fish, cooking, or cleaning. We did a little bit of everything! We were welcomed with open arms and were informed that the derby might have been cancelled because they did not have enough volunteers to make it happen. Everyone was very grateful for our help. We immediately asked what we could do to help and the Deputy Chief, Grace, gave us a long list. Within about half an hour, we had built a barbeque, cut up pounds of lettuce, tomatoes and onions for the burgers and got talking with the locals.

Friday evening the people started pouring in to register and before we knew it, we had over 80 people on the sign up sheet. It’s a 48 hour derby, starting at 6pm Friday evening, and once folks had registered they were out on the lake right away and the excitement started to climb. Saturday was calm as I suspect everyone was busy fishing and trying to reel in the big ones. Our team leaders, Vicki and Sara decided to split our teams in half so that one half could do a hike and the other would stay and volunteer. Late on Saturday some fish started to come in, around 5-7lbs each, but everyone knew that there would be bigger ones to come.

By Sunday that’s when we started to see the big fish come in. By the time we left at 5:30pm, the top of the board had fish that were 29.1lbs, 27.4lbs, 26.6lbs, 25lbs and a few more in the low 20’s. These fish were by far the biggest we have ever seen in-person. At 102-108cm in length, these fish were a sight to see!

We also had the amazing opportunity to watch a large bald eagle fly overhead, while it was looking for fish scraps. It’s wing span was amazing and something that not a lot of us had seen before.

This derby was an eye-opening experience for all of us, not only because of what we saw and did, but because it was in such a different community with such amazing people.

~ Kaitlyn & Merion

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