Digital Stories 2014

This week a team of eight ucalgarycares students is participating in the ucalgarycares Youth by Youth: A Digital Storytelling Project.

The project is a collaboration between Antyx Community Arts, The United Way All in For Youth, and the University of Calgary’s Centre for Community-Engaged Learning.

Though this is the Digital Stories’ third year of programming (offered previously in 2011 & 2012) the project has evolved significantly and this year’s project brings a fresh perspective to the digital storytelling process.

Through the four day intensive project eight ucalgary students work alongside five community youth to create short spoken word & stop animation films exploring the concept of what it means to transition from youth to adulthood. From issues of bullying, to what defines success, to redefining identity, and more, participants are producing shorts that speak to the challenges and triumphs of what it means to be a youth in this city.

Legacy-One worked with participants to generate individual and collaborative spoken word pieces, and Quickdraw Animation Society has provided technical expertise for the stop animation process. Everyone is excited about bringing together spoken word & stop animation to create a unique platform for storytelling.

Today (Friday) is the last day of programming and participants are hard at work finishing their pieces. The team is excited for a mini-screening this afternoon, and will be announcing the official screening date shortly.

Here are a few photos from our week so far:

Check us out on Twitter: #ucalgarycares
Stay tuned for our screening date!

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