The Immersion Experience

We are finally on Chira Island! Our first few days have been great. On Saturday we met our host families. My family is so nice. I have two sisters aged 15 and 17, a stay at home mom, and a fisherman dad. One of the girls has a little one month old baby. He is so small and cute! He has not cried at all thus far. For that I am grateful. We also have 7 cats and about 5 dogs roaming around the house. I love the animals, and I am so glad my allergies have not kicked in! We gave the family our presents, and they were so grateful. They loved Mario and Teletubbies as well as the knive sets that my family sent for them. I guess the long walk on the beach at low tide with me dragging my suitcase was worth it! Last night I played cards with my host sisters. We had so much fun, and they asked us to play Uno with them today. My host parents also asked us to go fishing with them on Sunday. I am so excited! My family is really starting to open up to us, despite the language barrier.

Yesturday morning we went to church with our family. For about one hour, they were singing and dancing. Seeing this jouyous celebration was quite inspiring. Everyone was so into it, even the kids were dancing and singing along. Afterwards we went on a boat tour to the mangroves. We saw a huge crocodile on shore, along with many birds. The mangroves were beautiful. The tangled roots reminded me of my hair!

Today is our first day working at the school. We are building a computer lab out of cement. At the moment, we are putting up a wall of wire around the metal posts. We wrap the wire around the building, then stick in nails and twist them. It is quite fun! Our group is so energetic, and everyone always has a positive attitude. Our team work thus far has been amazing. I think our group will be We´re waiting for more wire to come because we ran out. I´m excited to see how it will look when it is finished!

It is very hot and humid here. I love the weather! Our family lets us freeze our water bottles, so we get a refreshing and cool drink once in a while. They also got a new fan for us! That was very nice of them! I actually felt cold at last night!

The food is delicious! We have had rice, beans, eggs, fresh tortillas, banana juice, fried plantain, fresh fish, shrimp, and so much more! The island had coconut trees and mangos as well. I´m excited to try some new fruits as well. We were told anything a local gives us is okay to eat: that is, if they are eating it as well!

Well, we just got some more wire! Time to get back to work!


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