NOLA: A Photographic Essay

As part of our reflection for this trip, we were asked as a group to pull together 5 photos representing different themes related to service and the city. Below are the 5 photos that our group have selected, and accompanying captions.

New Orleans


The Zulu King at the Louisiana State Museum. This photo encapsulates “New Orleans”, such an integral part of the culture is the Mardi Gras festivities. NOLA has kept this tradition alive and it sparkles and shines through all the challenges the city faces. Photo by Nilou.

Building Community




This is one of the homes built by Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right” foundation. The efforts of the foundation have helped to try and build a new community in the Lower 9th Ward. It may be a small portion, but it is a step towards rebuilding the community post-Katrina. Photo by Nilou.

Social Capital

Street Talk

One thing we noticed in NOLA, was the friendliness of people, and the willingness to talk. This, for us, represented social capital. After finishing a job with HFH, we spent time talking on the street, much like the residents of NOLA do. These relationships begin conversation about what can be done to help build community and make change. Photo by Nolan.


Musician's Village

The Musician’s Village, a HFH project in NOLA is an example of the hope that the people of New Orleans have for a revived city. Music has such a strong influence on the city. This community, now thriving after being rebuilt in the Upper 9th Ward, is helping to maintain that influence and brings hope to the city that the spirit of NOLA can continue post-Katrina. Photo by Clara.

Challenging Oneself


This experience challenged all of us in one way or another. It was a journey, much like climbing a ladder. We started at the bottom, with little knowledge of what to expect. But over the 7 days, we grew, we climbed, and became different people. In addition we all climbed the ladder together to become the Building Community team. Photo by Nancy.

We hope you enjoyed our photos. We certainly love sharing them.

– Nancy, Clara, Nilou and Nolan

About Nolan E. Hill

22. YYC. Activist, passionate about LGBTQ rights, health promotion, and HIV/AIDS.
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