Growing Understanding

The Food & Justice ucalgarycares had a full day of exciting learning opportunities today as they worked with Grow Dat Youth Farm and Edible School Yard NOLA



The Food & Justice team at Grow Dat Youth Farm NOLA

While at Grow Dat the group tackled projects such as weeding important swamp land, helping improve drainage in a field, and setting up new beds for planting. They also spent a lot of time working with the staff and learning about their innovative approach to youth leadership and development through food programming. The group was very excited to learn about the farm and the facets of its programs. 

The group also had an opportunity to tour the Edible School Yard NOLA and learn about how food programming is integrated into the classroom through gardening and cooking classes. Our group had many questions answered about urban agriculture, youth programming and education in NOLA. 


The Food & Justice group was treated to a tour of the Edible School Yard NOLA.

For many of our students the day was nothing short of inspiring! This was a critical day to students growing understanding of food security, community development and big picture social justice issues. We’re excited for the opportunities to continue to nurture this budding recognition of the challenges and opportunities our food systems hold for change through the next days of the programs. 

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