Bringing In The Light

We have spent two full days in New Orleans and have made a number of observations. In our tours of New Orleans so far, we have noticed that there are a number of abandoned homes and that there is still a large amount of destruction present even though it has been a number of years since Hurricane Katrina. The population within the communities were very receptive to our groups! We were often greeted by many different people who were walking by. Some stopped to thank us for our work, and some to let us know that they thought we were doing a good job. Today, our group spent the day working in the 7th Ward and in Carrolton with Habitat for Humanity working on restoring the outside of Rhonda and Cat’s houses. In speaking with Rhonda, it was evident that even though there was a lot of destruction in the area that the community was still very strong. She said “everyone on our block looks out for each other but it is the infrastructure that is the problem”. The buildings may be crumbling, but the community is still strong. It is incredible to see, and it makes you think about what is important and why. At one point, a person on a bicycle rode by and told us how “it was a blessing to still have people like you that care.” It is a really remarkable thing to see, how despite everything these people have been through and the problems institutions have given them, they still have appreciation and love for the people around them. Our Habitat for Humanity leader, Ferm made a statement that was quite profound and resonated with us: “New Orleans does have dark places but it is about finding the light and then brining the light to the darker areas”.

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