Food & Justice’s First Day!

Today marked our first full day in New Orleans!  We spent a wonderful day exploring the French Quarter and getting to see more of the ‘touristy’ side of NOLA.   Our day started with a photography op at one of Bansky’s works and then we headed over to the Louisiana State Museum.  The exhibit gave us some insight into hurricane Katrina’s impact on the city.  We were then treated to a delicious brunch, complete with live Jazz music and waiters who constantly folded our napkins, all set in a beautiful old building!


In the afternoon we had the opportunity to simply wander around the French Quarter, enjoying the lively atmosphere.  We browsed street art, watched performers, and took tons of pictures.  There were many NOLA food specialties to try: alligator meat, tear inducing hot sauce, beignets, pralines, and more!  Colorful shutters, small streets, and trendy stores made for an enjoyable day.


Arriving back home (Annunciation Mission),  a documentary on hurricane Katrina sparked discussion around the devastation, inequality, and  deeply flawed humanitarian response.  The French Quarter was not flooded by Katrina and was one of the first areas to be reopened. We all agreed it was a great start to the week to first explore the more commercial areas of NOLA.  We’ll be able to dive more fully into the nuanced and cyclic challenges NOLA faces as we spend the rest of the week in areas more severally affected by Katrina. 

~Carol M, Food & Justice Team 

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