Safe and Sound!

After a long day of travel, arriving at the Calgary Airport at 4 am and not reaching our hostel in San Jose until about 1 pm, we have made it safely to Costa Rica! Very exciting indeed.

This will just be a quick post to let family and friends know that we are alive and well and quite ready for the next 4 hour trip that will take us to our final destination of Isla de Chira.

I have already come to realize how the team aspect of this trip will greatly contribute to my experience here and how it really is the sharing of perspectives and the relationships that you make that really make our journey through life unique. So for all of those who are wary of their child jetting off to a foreign country, although all travel comes with some risks, we really have a community within our team that I’m sure will be offering invaluable support throughout the rest of the trip. To friendship!


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