The First Day!!!!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Narisa and I am a fourth year Development Studies student. I am part of the Calgary Serves Digital Stories programme in collaboration with United Way. This is my second time doing this programme and I am very excited.

Well today was the first day of the programme and we spent it at the Beltline Youth Centre Downtown. We were given a task to take pictures around a theme. Our group decided to go with the theme of identity and that feel of awakening to change paths or feel stronger about the one you are on. We all can relate to this whether our times were tougher then others we all struggled to form our own identity or are still struggling. An identity which reflects perseverance, courage and the importance of strength. One of the facilitators said this and I feel this will stick with me that “Asking for support doesn’t make you weak but shows your courage and strength to rise up from a fear of shame and judgement and ask for help”. So, lesson number 1 for me from Calgary Serves 2012 Digital stories is that when you need a yank from the dark side and feel someone can lead you to that light at the end of the tunnel then reach out to them.

That is it for today!!!!


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