And we’re off!

Hi Folks!

As I rush to finish up some last minute packing, I realized that I should probably get around to writing an introductory post before we leave for New Orleans. A little about myself, let’s see… I’m in my final year of completing a B.A. in Law and Society, I love to talk about anything pop culture related, an avid hockey fan, and an active member with the ‘volunteer scene’ at the University of Calgary (a short list but it will do for now).

The main reason that drove me to get involved with the Calgary Serves program was seeing all the great work that this group has done relating to humanitarian efforts around the world. After the Katrina disaster in 2005, I felt that it would be important for my own personal growth and understanding to get a firsthand look at how certain hard-hit communities in New Orleans are coping with rebuilding efforts despite numerous socioeconomic problems.

Anyway, after months of preparation and Service Workshops, we’ve finally reached the eve of our departure from Calgary! I can wholeheartedly say that I am excited and anxious to spend the upcoming week in a city known for its lively atmosphere and rich culture with my fellow Calgary Serves members. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the true spirit of ‘The Big Easy’ through its classic cuisine, renowned music scene, and its overall history. Apart from Mardi Gras, Hurricane Katrina, and the Saints winning the Super Bowl, I’d be lying if I said that I was well versed on all things New Orleans, but regardless of my blissful ignorance I want to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to broaden my knowledge base and experience what it’s like to be a New Orleanian for a week.

As eager as I am to embark on this journey, I want to keep my focus on our main goal, which is to contribute to the ongoing efforts towards improving food security, education, and the overall sense of community in some of the hardest hit areas from the Katrina disaster. Even if we can make the slightest difference, this trip will be worth the time and effort!


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