Calgary Serves (Reading Week) 2012: NOLA Edition

“If we think of small change occurring because a single butterfly flaps its wings, a single act of volunteering is a tree full of sparrows, hundreds of them lifting off at the same moment. It can’t be any other way.” – Conor Grennan, Author of Little Princes 

If a single volunteer is like a tree full of sparrows, I cannot wait to see the forest of sparrow-filled trees that will take root when the University of Calgary reaches New Orleans in just two weeks.

23 passionate students, and 2 inspiring staff, from the UofC will take part in the CCEL’s Building Community: Food & Justice in New Orleans program this year. Instead of a traditional reading week this group, from different areas and years of study, will take part in an action packed week of volunteering and learning.

During their time volunteering with organizations like St. Bernard Project, Our School at Blair Grocery and Second Harvest Food Bank, students will have the opportunity to learn about the inter-related social justice issues that face the New Orleans community. With a special focus on Food Security, students will gain insight to the ways of approaching social justice issues, and will start equipping themselves to work for social justice in their home communities.

Over the next weeks you are invited to hear from the students and staff of the NOLA program. By sharing this experience with us, we hope that, in your own way, you’ll see a tree full of sparrows lift off.

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