“La cancha” – our project with the Escuela Montero y Palito

This year, Calgary Serves students worked on one large project – completing the first basketball court on Chira Island, at the Montero and Palito Elementary School. With the support of laborers from the community, the school and VIDA, a non-governmental organization in San Jose, Costa Rica, our students extended and resurfaced a cement pad in the school yard to provide an outdoor recreational space for the community’s young people.

Chira has 3,000 residents, 3 elementary schools and 1 high school. There is potable water and electricity, boat service to the mainland, a health clinic providing basic medical services, a small grocery store and a small police station. There isn’t a public library and aside from soccer and the ice cream shop operated by one of the teachers, there are few recreational outlets for young people. At the end of our project, the school seemed proud that the first basketball court on the island was at a school and was built specifically for young students.

To complete the project, the team worked with laborers from the community to reinforce the cement and cinder blocks with rebar, level the ground, lay the blocks, remove cracked cement from the existing cement pad, lay cement, resurface the entire court, mount the posts and paint the lines. The community will install the final touches…two brandnew basketball backboards and nets. I can’t wait to return next year to see kids playing on the court.

Below are a few pictures of the process.



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