The Island Life

Hola Amigas,

We have been on the island for almost a week and here are some of the things that we have learned and experienced so far:

–          It is like a different time zone because we wake up so early (5:30am) and it is dark by 6pm.

–          Not all homes have phones. We walk 5 minutes to the telephone but it doesn’t always work.

–          The strength of one Costa Rican is equal to 11 Canadians.

–          Everyone’s home is your home. The people are so warm and friendly.

–          We are so dirty. All the time.

–          The kids are so cute. They are patient and willing to communicate with us even though our Spanish is moderate at best.

–          They celebrate Stampede but call it Toro – The riding of the bulls.

–          Music is everywhere on the Island. 50 Cent and Eminem are heard everywhere.

–          The locals laugh at our Spanish.

–          Anyone who was afraid of bugs when they arrived, is not anymore.

–          There are many different ways to flush a toilet

–          Engineering comes in handy when making pancakes.

–          Without fans in our rooms we would all have melted by day one. We are grateful for fans and mosquito nets.

–          Wilber, the school teacher, is a saint because he is owns the only ice cream shop on the island.

–          Shovel, wheelbarrow, mix, spread. Repeat.

All in all the experience so far has been quite memorable and surreal. The Island is beautiful and I often look around and have a moment where I realize where I realize how lucky I am to be experiencing this. Looking back at my previous blog, I am indeed challenged by the heat and my inability to speak Spanish. Oddly enough the bugs do not bother me much anymore. 🙂 I am learning new things every day and I can`t wait to continue learning over the remaining week that we are here.

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