By Justine Gosselin, 5th May

May 5, 2011 – By Justine Gosselin:

We just finished our second day of working at the school today. Again another day of hard labour but under easier conditions with much cooler weather than yesterday. It’s awesome to see all of the groups hard work come together and envision the end tarmack for the kids to use for playing basketball or possibly volleyball. The locals here are so nice and accommodating and very understanding of my lack of Spanish skills. My host mom has been nothing but nice and patient with my combination of Spanish, French, and English. The language barrier really makes you appreciate that Aha! moment when you know you and who you’re talking to completely understand what’s being said and going on. The community is also great everyone is so laid back and nice to all. The food has been amazing, I still have yet to eat a thing that I don’t like. Overall regardless of the difficulties caused by the language barrier and the discomfort caused by the piercing hot sun, this experience has so far been very good and I’m so glad to be sharing it with this group.

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