We Made It!

Hola Everyone!

We made it to Chira Island safely after two days of travelling! Although we almost didn’t make it out of Calgary as four group members including myself had to make a mad dash to the gate almost missing the flight (some of us without shoes)! We are here now though and it almost does not seem real.

I have to say that the cultural shock has hit me the hardest! Mostly because it is so hard to communicate with my family which makes for a lot of awkward silence. The group that came down for this trip is making it a lot easier though because everyone is really great and supportive.

Today we are at the school (escuela). I can’t imagine teaching or learning in the classroom especially in this heat but they do it… in UNIFORMS! In between mixing cement we had some fun playing either jump rope or Frisbee with the students in the schoolyard. All the students have been very welcoming and I think they enjoy playing with all of us.

Keep you posted!


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