Calgary Serves returns to Chira Island

Calgary Serves International - Building a wheel-chair accessible sidewalk on Chira Island

In just a few weeks, 10 U of C students will travel to Chira Island, Costa Rica for Calgary Serves International. This is the second year in a row that U of C students have worked with the rural communities of Montero and Palito. We’ll work with the local elementary school and learn from local experts, including the leaders of two women’s cooperatives on the island. This is an intensive immersion experience, and our students will also stay with host families.

Internet is not widely available on Chira Island, an isolated community of no more than 3,000 people who get by on subsistence fishing and farming. But with the support of one of the local teachers, our students will blog now and again throughout the experience. Their program focuses on rural community development and ecotourism. You can follow their learning and inter-cultural journey here.

Donations of new or gently used school supplies or laptops (in good working order) are most welcome, and can be dropped off to the Centre for Community-Engaged Learning at the University of Calgary. For more information, contact

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