U Calgary students in the Lower 9th

Our group is working on a home in Violet, St. Bernard Parish. The owner moved away before the storm, and was unable to return for some time. She stayed with other family members and her husband, but he grew ill and passed away a year ago. She is now living in a trailer behind the gutted home, waiting to move back.

Homes like hers were completely flooded to 10ft, and remained in standing water, contaminated with sewage and leaked oil from the oil refinery.

Homes were gutted after the storm, but many of them remain empty. Our group is working on the first step towards seeing G move home: Mold remediation. This is a multi-step process to make the home safe again, and it must be done before the new insulation and drywall go in.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the myrad of factors that made the 2005 storm so devastating for St. Bernard Parish and the Lower 9th Ward. The levees keep coming up in discussion – here’s a picture of the group in front of the new levee in the Lower 9th.

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