A evening about Food Security

Caitlin with John Besh!

This one is for my Meal Exchange friends at home; tonight we joined an incredible event with Nat Turner of Our School at Blair Grocery (OSBG), John Besh (uhm, a restaurant god in NOLA and he uses fresh produce from OSBG), students from OSBG and Will Turner (Growing Power, urban agriculture guru, mentor, words cannot describe) and others.

I’m so inspired by everything tonight – John Besh saying the time for “this” (the urban agriculture movement/revolution) could not be better. Finally, the restaurant industry is ready and the consumers are ready… it’s time. While other cities drag their feet, the storm as well as the closures of local grocery stores (many because of the storm) put communities like the Lower 9th in a position that they really HAD to start growing their own food.

But as we’ll find out this week, OSBG is more than just fresh, local food. It’s the third largest employer in the Lower 9th; it provides meaningful work to unemployed folks. It provides an education using an innovative and engaging curriculum. It provides life skills, and an alternative to other after-school diversions. I can’t wait to actually visit the school on Friday.

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