We’re here!

We’re here! We have a few bumpy flights from Calgary to Houston and then finally to New Orleans, but we’re here!

Our cab driver, Norman, was a very informative, very appreciative man. He told us the story about how the first responders after the Hurricane to St. Bernard were a few helicopters full of Canadian Mounties. He said that
– “If they had brought guns, [Canada] could have claimed New Orleans.” He also told us stories of the students who rebuilt his house. He would go out and buy them ice cream, but they would refuse it saying that they were here to help him, not the other way around. He and his wife offered their home to the students whenever they were in New Orleans, and Norman says about 23 out of the 32 students have taken him up on the offer.

As we were drove towards, Adullum, Norman would point out all of the places houses used to stand. He said that “all the vacant lots are people who never came back. Where are they? They never came back. It’s like they never existed. It’s kind of eerie.”

Adullum is spectacular! All of the girls get to stay in one room, so we’re all happy! The other group clapped for us as 11 girls got out of one van. Pastor Randy is extremely welcoming and clearly loves what he does. He warned us about giant rats, alligators and sticking together like bananas.
I’d say everyone is very excited to see what this week brings, and until then, happy reading!

About caitiek

Hey there! The name's Caitlin. I'm a leader, a director, a writer, and now I suppose I'm a humanitarian. I created the blog to write about my upcoming trip to New Orleans. I prefer Tumblr.
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