Helping Hands

Hi Everyone! My name is Laura Taylor. I am a first year student in the U of C Education program however this is my fifth year at the U of C.

I am the student program assistant for the Rebuilding NOLA: Calgary Serves Project. When I was told I would be a part of the project in November it seemed so far away but it sure has come fast. I am so excited and fortunate to be a part of this great reading week project!

As a future teacher and a life long learner I am excited not only to lend a helping hand but to take in all that New Orleans has to offer. I see this as both a learning and teaching experience which is why I have included my current grade five students to be a part of this experience.

Currently my grade five class is studying weather. One of the focuses in the unit is extreme weather so why not make it relevant to their lives by sharing this experience with them. One of the ways the students got involved was by making this banner.

Not only am I happy to share this experience with my grade five class but also with those reading this blog! Enjoy!

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